Freefall, Team Prism, by Elsa Jade

She doesn’t believe in aliens.

He can’t believe he’s stuck on a repurposed honeymoon starcruiser with an Earther girl.

To survive the Great Space Race, they need to find the legendary Firestorm Queen’s Prism in the perilous Paragon Galaxy—but along the way, they might just freefall into love!

Scarred by life and scared by it, Amy Long finally found peace in quiet Sunset Falls, Montana…until a malfunctioning popcorn popper transports her across the universe.

She arrives accidentally—and nekkidly—on the honeymoon cruiser Blissed where the widely viewed and wildly entertaining Great Space Race is already in progress. Now if she ever wants to return to Earth, she has to pretend to be the famous intergalactic explorer who was supposed to be half of Team Prism, searching for the legendary Firestorm Queen’s Prism.

Can this unsuspecting Earther wrap her head around a universe of aliens and adventure? While she’s at it, maybe she’s gonna wrap her arms around the uptight but sexy drakling male who is her teammate.

Luc Amaveo of the Flamewalker Clan just needs a treasure. Any treasure, even the imaginary ones teased by the Great Space Race. Every drakling needs a treasure to prove himself, and being a respectable transgalactic accountant doesn’t count with his raucous clan. If he can take the Great Space Race prize to his twelve older brothers’ mating ceremonies, maybe they’ll finally stop trying to make him into something he’s not: a ferocious, fiery, bold beast. But he might need to do some pretending of his own if he’s going to keep his innocent Earther girl alive.

Because even as they realize that the cruel corporation of the Great Space Race cares more for ratings than their lives, Amy and Luc also discover that the real danger is facing their own fears…and the risk that they might be falling in love.

Tune in to this new astral adventure…The Great Space Race!


In the middle of the room, taking up most of the small space, was a huge, round bed, overflowing with satiny sheets and tasseled pillows in every lurid shade of scarlet and violet. Was that a…a disco ball overhead? Not quite, it was a pyramid instead of a ball, but it was every bit as ridiculously sparkly. What had happened to the spaceship theme? This looked mostly like the cheesiest, most cliché bordello ever.

Grabbing the jamb, Amy balked in the doorway. “I thought you said this wasn’t that kind of show.”

Rather than trying to pull her into the lecherous little cave, Luc leaned against the jamb opposite her. “It’s terrible, isn’t it?” He let out a gusting sigh. “I mentioned that we’re running late? Well, we also got one of the leftover ships.” His fingers drummed restlessly on the door. “It’s reclaimed from what I suppose you’d call a honeymoon cruise ship.”

“A…honeymoon ship.”


He glanced down at her, and after a moment, the corner of his mouth quirked. “What could be more romantically metaphorical than a newly mated couple—or threesome or moresome, depending on your preferred configuration—blasting off into never-ending abysmal blackness of space.”

She choked out a little laugh. “If you tell me there’s a hot tub…”

He tilted his head. “The bathing room has a miniature waterfall.”

She sputtered. “I was joking.”

“So was the remodeler of this ship.” He huffed out another breath. “This resting area is garish, but the bed itself is comfortable.”

She narrowed her eyes again. “Have you slept in it?”

“It’s the only bed on the ship.” He held up one hand when she sucked in a breath to let loose a scolding. “But I told you we are behind. If we’re going to catch up and win, we won’t have time to rest, at least not at the same time.”

She waggled one finger at him in warning. “Not only am I a famous interstellar explorer, I’m also a greatly feared muay tai chi ninja.” Or so she was declaring herself—and it wasn’t like the Great Space Race producers would care about the difference between Thai, Chinese, and Japanese martial arts. “So don’t try anything funny.”

He nodded. “Your ferocity will be a valuable asset in our hunt for the prize.”

He was fucking with her this time, she knew, but he could’ve already done whatever he wanted while she was unconscious and he hadn’t. Besides, if anything got really weird, surely the show producers would step in.

Of course, they were the ones who had accidentally kidnapped her, so…


A Great Space Race novel from the Intergalactic Dating Agency: Big Sky Alien Mail Order Brides series from Elsa Jade.

Freefall by Elsa Jade

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