The Great Space Race

Who will win? Who will lose? 

A reality that these contestants must survive.


Starshadow, Team Starry Night, by CJ Cade

Starshadow — Team Starry Night

By CJ Cade

This Tygress is in a race for her life… in more ways than one.

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Orion's Gate, Team Galaxy Riders, by Sabine Priestley

Orion’s Gate — Team Galaxy Riders

by Sabine Priestley 

The passion evoked by the alien empath could kill them both…

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Explode, Team Supernova, by Teresa Noelle Roberts

Explode — Team Supernova

By Teresa Noelle Roberts 

Their chemistry’s explosive. Too bad someone wants to blow them up.

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CeaseFire, Team Orion Nebula, by Kayla Stoner

Ceasefire — Team Orion Nebula

By Kayla Stonor

She wants him dead. He wants her in bed.

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Freefall, Team Prism, by Elsa Jade

Freefall — Team Prism

By Elsa Jade

She doesn’t believe in aliens. He can’t believe he’s stuck on a repurposed honeymoon starcruiser with an Earther girl.

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Flare, Team Corona, by JC Hay

Flare — Team Corona

By JC Hay

They could go all the way, if they don’t go straight to hell

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